ptac air conditioner

Ptac air conditioners, or packaged terminal air-conditioners, are efficient because they heat or cool only the room they occupy. HVAC systems can sometimes waste energy cooling unoccupied bathrooms, hallways, empty rooms, etc. With a ptac, this isn't a problem.

What to look for when buying a ptac air conditioner?

PTAC stands for Package Terminal Air Conditioner. They're used a lot in the hospitality industry - you've probably stayed in a hotel that had them. A PTAC is a self-contained air conditioning unit that is installed through an outside wall rather than through a window. While PTAC units can be installed through windows, most units are 42 inches wide, so it would have to be a big window. One unit goes in each room, and each unit is controlled independently. Some PTAC units are made for both heating and air conditioning.

A few "green" reasons to consider ptac air conditioners

In some cases, PTAC air conditioning units can be more energy efficient (and hence more "green") than traditional window unit air conditioners or central units. Here are 10 eco-friendly reasons you should consider a PTAC unit.

Ptac Manufacturers:
There are a lot of manufacturers to choose from. Take a look at our pages on each manufacturer to start your search, then consult your local HVAC expert before making a purchase. Take into consideration the different warranties, parts availability and maintenance options before purchasing. You might want to hunt down another business using the unit you are considering purchasing and ask how the unit is performing.

Amana PTAC units are some of the most popular currently. They have a good warranty, parts are easy to get and the units are fairly trouble free. GE units are generally well-regarded but warranty issues must be handled by a factory authorized service tech. LG, Friedrich, Trane, McQuay and others are also worth considering.

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