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Ever wonder what you can do to keep your PTAC unit running more efficiently all year round? Here are 10 things that anyone can do (you don't have to be a a/c ptac tech) to keep your Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning units running in tip-top shape.

10 Easy Tips To Keep Your PTAC A/C Unit Running Great!

PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioners) are great machines and if you need the unit to last for a long period of time to get your maximum return on investment, proper maintenance of this ductless air conditioner is a definite must. Now, you do not have to call the repairman in order to do the maintenance on the unit, there are several PTAC maintenance tips that you can do yourself to help cut costs while also improving the life and the performance of the machine.

1. To begin with, make sure that you keep the filter clean. Sounds easy right? Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who do not do this in their own homes, but keeping the filter clean is extremely important. If the filter isn’t clean, there are several things that can happen like compressor failure or poor performance of the unit. All you have the do is remove the filter, vacuum it, and then put it back into its place; however, if the filter is extremely dirty, you may have to go a step further and use a mild soap in order to clean it properly because if you don’t, the air flow will still be blocked.

2. Next, you will want to check things like the thermostat, switches, and controls. It is very important that all of these items work properly and if one of the switches goes bad, then replacement is a definite must for this ductless air conditioner unit to work properly.

3. Then, make sure you check the power cords and the plugs. If there is a break in the insulation, especially on older models, it can put everyone in a dangerous situation. You will also want to make sure that the plugs fit snuggly into the receptacles. A loose fit could cause the plug to arc and start a fire.

4. Since PTAC units are exposed to the outdoors, a thorough cleaning is necessary. You will want to remove the cover and get out any debris that might have became trapped inside the unit.

5. Also, make sure that you remove anything that someone might have placed on top of the unit. Any liquids that might get knocked over and spilled could cause major problems to the machine.

6. Check the unit where it seals against the wall to make sure that there are no air leaks. If there are, make sure that you get them repaired as soon as possible.

7. Clean the coils. Here you might have to use a professional coil cleaner if the coils are extremely dirty; however, make sure that you use the appropriate cleaner because some may be too harsh for indoor coils, while others are designed to be used on outdoor coils. Also, make sure to check the drain holes and pans and clean them accordingly by removing debris or buildup from the holes, etc. Let the unit dry completely after this step.

8. Some motors on these ductless air conditioners have oil ports. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for oiling the motors. Make sure you keep the oiled as necessary per specifications.

9. Inside the sleeve/cabinet, you will want to make sure that you check any drains and also make sure that you check the gaskets. Replacement of gaskets may be necessary, otherwise, you can clean them with an antibacterial/antifungal cleaner.

10. Finally, make sure that you check any obstructions that may be located near the unit that could be causing problems. For example, trees or shrubs that may be too close to the unit could cause air flow problems, causing the unit not to work properly.

Hopefully these 10 PTAC unit maintenance tips help save you money and also improve the performance of your unit. If these ten simple steps does not help the performance and efficiency of your unit then you might want to contact a professional to come take a look at your machine; there could be something deeper to the situation. Otherwise, a little elbow grease and a few hours of your time might just solve the problem that you have been having with your ductless air conditioner unit and by doing it yourself, it might just save you a couple hundred dollars as well.

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