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Amana Ptac Parts: How and Where to Buy

One of the distinct advantages of buying a trusted brand name is being able to find parts for repair. Amana, like all AC manufacturers, will void their warranty on repairs made by non-authorized technicians. However, shipping units to Tennessee, or paying labor charges to a local HVAC service may cost more than buying the parts yourself.

The standard Amana PTAC unit warranty language includes the statement, "Service must be provided by an Amana designated service company."1 Each product comes with a warranty certificate that outlines the details.

Do it yourselfers can often find step-by-step instructions on the Internet or even a video on Youtube that shows a repair in detail. Repair oriented websites (which often sell parts) will rate repairs by difficulty2. But even if you don't intend to fix something yourself, knowing what it is, how much it costs and what's involved will make you a more knowledgeable consumer and keep you from getting ripped off.

How to buy
The first step is to locate the part number of the piece you need. This starts with your owner's manual. If you don't have one, look on the Amana site under the description of the PTAC unit you own. Here you will find links to owner's manuals and parts lists.

For the PTC series, the parts manual is here.3 You can also call Amana Service Assistance: 1-877-376-0214, or Replacement Parts: 1-877-839-2590. Talking to Amana will give you a base price, if available and the recommended (and authorized) HVAC service company in your area.

Where to buy
After finding out just what you need to buy, there is a directory of Amana distributors by zip code, online4. Even if there isn't one within driving distance, it is worthwhile to call – they can offer advice and may be able to ship something to you cheaper.

You can also shop online for parts by typing in Amana + part + [the part number]. Sites that sell parts will also have an internal search function. Make sure you are shopping for the right part number (or equivalent). It's also helpful to call if you have questions5.

Availability of Amana PTAC parts is good. Partly this is because Amana is a stable brand that has been around a long time, but partly it is because the market they serve – hotels and motels – commonly fix units instead of just replacing them. With that in mind though, some parts will be more readily available than others. Expensive parts that are covered under warranty are harder to find for two reasons. The first is that as price rises, customers are more likely to purchase a new unit than fix it and because when a warranty is available (sealed units and compressor, for example) units can be returned to the factory for repair.

Parts or a kit?
In some cases, it's more advantageous to purchase a kit, rather than an individual part that comes as part of a kit. Why not replace an entire module rather than some sub-assembly? Also consider aftermarket improved versions of standard parts. One worth looking at is a better version of the standard fan blade – one that runs quieter and pushes more air6.

Aftermarket improvements can be found by asking a knowledgeable distributor or HVAC professional.

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