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When it comes to packaged terminal air conditioners with heat pumps, Amana offers a solid PTAC unit with a wide variety of different options that make owning one a viable solution for many consumers. With features like easily removable air filters and extra deep base pan wells that are designed to prolong the life of the compressors, these units are gaining widespread popularity.

Amana PTAC Units: A Made in the USA PTAC Heat Pump Option Featuring Goodman Engineering

Amana PTAC Units
Amana has really stepped up when it comes to being competitive against all the other manufacturers that offer heat pump air conditioners. The new designs have made the brand streamlined and more efficient than ever before. The units are now even quieter than ever with the new design of the fan blade, making this brand more appealing to the consumers. Replacement parts are readily available from distributors.

About Amana:
The Amana/Goodman packaged air conditioners have been made in the USA for the past 30 years in Fayetteville, TN. They feature Goodman engineering, testing, and production. Once built at the Fayetteville, TN plant, all are 100% run tested. The plant checks for leaks and other possible problems from each one of the units that they produce before placing the units on the market for consumers to purchase.

Types of Amana PTAC Units: Amana has the usual mix of ptac air conditioner and pthp (heat pump) models, in standard 42 inch sizes, with or without electric heat.

If you are in a milder climate, a unit with electric heat, or even one without an electric heat option may be the right choice for you. For colder climates, either the heat pump, or heat pump with auxiliary electric heat should be considered. Keep in mind the non-heat pump units that use electric heat only will increase energy consumption.

Standard features of these heat pump air conditioners include a removable condenser shroud which allows easy access for cleaning of the coils which is a major maintenance aspect of keeping these machines in top shape. By cleaning the coils, it helps the machine's efficiency and also ensures a long condenser life. Another standard feature includes easy pull out filters. The filters are easily washable which allows the customer to easily maintain them; however, charcoal filters are also available for purchase. Also, there is a standard filter dryer for sealed system refrigerant which also helps to lengthen the life of the heat pump air conditioner through helping to remove moisture and through helping to prevent acid formation.

There is also a 7 button touch pad for the controls. This enables the guests or the owners to keep their room cool while also helping to preserve energy through efficiency. There is also a condensate dispersion system which helps to reduce the amount of condensation that is produced that typically runs off; instead, through the use of this system, the condensation is redirected to the outdoor coil for rapid evaporation. Another feature is a front desk control system in case these systems are purchased for use by hotels and other comparable businesses.

Further features include a 30 second fan delay, an automatic emergency heat system, remote temperature sensing, remote thermostat control, hidden ventilation controls, room freeze protection, and more. As one can see, these packaged a/c units offer a variety of standard features on their units that make owning, operating, and maintaining one of these units extremely easy.

Energy Efficient?
The Amana ptac units offer EER ratings up to 12.1. Check for local rebates in your area offered by the power company. The 208 volt 7500 BTU capacity PTHP model is the most efficient model at EER 12.1. The larger 12,900 BTU model has an EER of 9.5. Again, make sure you are buying the right amount of heating and cooling for your particular room. Check here for more info on ptac sizing and capacity.

R-410A Refrigerant:
All Amana PTAC and PTHP units are now using the new, "green" R-410A refrigerant.

Once you have purchased an Amana heat pump air conditioner (pthp), there are a variety of accessories and equipment that are also available for purchase. These accessories include items such as custom colored wall sleeves or regular wall sleeves, a condensate drain kit, two different kinds of outdoor grilles (AGK and PGK), low voltage wire harnessing kits, remote escutcheon kits, subbase kits, leveling legs, hand-wire kits, power disconnect switches, fuse holder kits, circuit breaker kits, duct extension kits, power vent kits, condenser baffle kits, subbase extension cover kits, condensate removal pumps, security key locks, power door kits, thermostats, hydronic heat kits, hydronic valves, wireless RF controls, remote temperature sensors, wired energy management controls, and curtain baffle kits.

ActivDry Dehumidification Series:
Amana also offers the ActivDRY PTAC, which Amana claims to remove up to 35% more water out of the air than their standard DigiSmart model ptac air conditioners. This unit should be considered if you are deploying ptacs in humid environments. Lower humidity equals more comfort for room occupants. There is a "Seacoast coil" option with improved corrosion resistance for areas near salty, humid air.

Amana PTAC Warranty:
These PTAC and PTHP units feature a 5-Year limited warranty: one of the best in the industry. The first year parts and labor are covered. So Amana will repair or replace any part of the ptac, or ptac accessory which is defective due to workmanship or materials during the first year. The second through fifth year warranty covers parts and labor on certain sealed components including: evaporator coil, condenser coil, compressor or tubing. For more details visit the the Amana ptac warranty page here.

Final Thoughts...
If you are in the market for a new ptac unit, Amana, a brand that is made and has been made in the USA for the past 30 years, is certainly worth consideration. Some HVAC experts in the field regard Amana the current "best ptac". The fact that these units are 100% tested for efficiency and possible problems at two different stages of the production process, means that you are guaranteed that the machines work properly; then, once installed, with the availability of the wide range of accessories, you will be able to set everything up in the manner in which you would like with minimal hassle. As always, do your homework and consult your HVAC expert before purchasing. More literature and information on Amana products can be found at

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