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If you buy a PTAC online, not through an authorized distributor, do you have a warranty? has a page here which states: "No warranty is offered on Amana brand equipment purchased by consumers over the Internet, including web-based auctions."

PTAC Air Conditioner Warranties for Online Purchases

PTAC warranty issues were first covered in our article Where are the best PTAC deals?. reader Steve emailed saying that he contacted Amana regarding their policy on online ptac purchases.

Steve wrote an email to Amana:

I am a homeowner looking to install a thru-the-wall A/C unit. In my situation, I think a PTAC unit would be the best fit. I am renovating that room and would do the mechanical installation myself. I'll have a licensed electrician do the electrical work. I do have a question on the unit warranty.

The Amana HAC website clearly states that that units purchased via the internet are not covered by the warranty.

The Amana PTAC website does not include the same exclusion.

So, can I purchase an Amana PTAC unit over the internet, do the mechanical install myself and be covered by the standard warranty?

Amana's response:

Yes. Provided the installation is done correctly, the warranty will still hold.

Steve also spoke to someone at customer service and was told that the warranty would be ok.'s advice

It's interesting that the Amana HAC site says one thing, while the customer service department and the Amana PTAC site say something different. The takeaway here is to confirm that you do, in fact, have a warranty before making an online purchase. Amana doesn't want to have to warranty a unit that was damaged by a botched install attempt by a customer. Just put in a call prior to purchasing. Make sure the warranty is valid. Make sure you hire an authorized installer to do the work.

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