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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) are designed with a variety of different options, including heat; however, they are available with just the air conditioner option as well. If you do not need the extra heat option incorporated into the unit, you can actually save money on the purchase of the packaged air conditioner.

A Cooling-Only PTAC Can Save You Money

There are several different manufacturers that offer the cooling-only packaged air conditioners. Some of the top brands of cooling only PTAC units include names such as GE, LG, Amana, and Friedrich. Each one of these manufacturers offers several different makes and models of their machines to help you get the unit that will meet your specific needs.

At one time, ptac air conditioners were somewhat dated in appearance; however, with today's new technology, these machines look better and are easier to operate as manufacturers offer a wide variety of standard option features that are incorporated into each one of their machines. From digital temperature read out displays, easy temperature changing buttons, to the new no-drain-needed design of the coils, these units are sure to make cooling your space easier than ever; not to mention the fact that they are available in customizable colors in order to match the indoor d├ęcor, as well as the exterior of the structure for through the wall units. It is important to remember, however, that these units do not offer a heating option and you will need to provide your space with a different heating system. Standard options for LG's cooling only packaged air conditioner units include: 4 way air deflection, remote control, auto restart, energy saver function, three different fan speeds, a rotary compressor, a turbo fan, and more.

One can purchase a LG through the wall unit that offers a 13000 BTU put out for a little over $500. This is a great price considering the cost of a packaged air conditioner with the heat option, which usually runs closer to, if not over, $1000 each. LG's line of cooling only PTAC air conditioners are idea for home and office and offer the new "green" technology that is all the rage these days. You can purchase an 8,000 BTU unit for around $449. So, you can see that upgrading to a larger unit will not cost that much more. Some of the through the wall models that are offered by LG offer an energy star rating, meaning they are energy star qualified. All models that they offer come standard with the corrosion protection, otherwise known as the Gold Fin Technology, which helps to protect the unit against the salt air and also helps to extend the operating life of the machine. They are available in BTU ranges from 8,000-14,000. The chassis is standard size and fits into most competitive sleeves, which makes upgrading an existing through the wall unit with one of LG's packaged air conditioner units easier than ever.

In the End
If you have any specific questions about the cooling only PTAC units that are available on the market today, make sure that you contact the manufacturer. They will better be able to give you detailed information about the particular make and model of the cooling only PTAC unit that you are interested in. They will also be able to steer you in the right direction for what particular make and model of their unit that would best suit your needs.

Do not forget to ask about the warranty information that is available on the particular model of cooling only packaged air conditioner that you are interested in. Standard warranties for PTAC units are 5 year limited warranty with parts and labor being covered within the first year and other components being covered in years two through five; however, these units must be properly installed and maintained in order for the warranty to be viable. If it is proven that the cause of the mishap of the machine is the result of faulty installation or maintenance, the warranty will not cover the parts and labor. This is a problem that can easily be avoided if during installation the manufacturer's recommendations are followed and recommendations are followed for the maintenance procedures.

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