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Friedrich PTAC Units are a front runner in the heat pump air conditioner industry. With the large variety of features that are offered on these machines, it is hard not to notice the ease of operation, the energy efficient design and control, and the money saving opportunity that the consumers have when purchasing one of these machines. Friedrichs are usually considered to be durable air conditioners.

Friedrich PTAC Units: Durable and Less Noisy

Features for the Friedrich PTAC units can be divided into two different categories. There are digital control features and also generalized product features. To begin with, we will take a look at the digital control features which include things such as digital temperature readout, one touch operation, remote control operation, individual mode and fan control buttons, quiet start/stop fan delay, remote thermostat operation, internal diagnostic program, service error code storage, constant comfort room monitoring, electronic temperature limiting, room freeze protection, random compressor restart, and flexible zone cooling.

General product features include corrosion protection which comes standard on all models. This corrosion protection protects the outdoor coil from deterioration which helps to extend the life of the unit, insuring one's investment to last. Heat pump air conditioners also offer a digital defrost thermostat feature, which allows maximization of heat pump run time through constantly monitoring the outdoor coil conditions. These ptacs are designed for ease of maintenance with top mounted, antimicrobial air filters that are "lift out" and washable. The cover is removable via two thumbscrews, perfect for the non-technical person to make a quick filter switch.

The heat pump air conditioner models also offer instant heat pump mode, which means that the room temperature is constantly being monitored and the pump will automatically kick in order to bring the room temperature up if needed, to help keep the room from freezing. They also offer even heat monitoring, which means that the temperature will always remain within 5 degrees of the set point at all times.

Other general product features of the heat pump models include: fan cycle control, emergency heat override, they are desk control ready, contain an indoor coil frost sensor, include an ultra quiet air system, are highly efficient, offer a single motor design, contain a highly efficient rotary compressor to ensure durability, contain aluminum endplates, have a filtered fresh air intake, and use an R-410A refrigerant.

A Quiet PTAC?
Friedrich claims to be the quietest ptac in a blind comparison test against four other a/c competitors, and to be 15% better with sound quality. The company also stated the reason for the sound advantage is that their units, which were redesigned in 2006, move air more efficiently and quietly. The new units' quiet rotary compressor uses vibration dampeners to keep the unit operating more silently.

An Energy Efficient PTAC?
Friedrich also uses "Energy Management Controls" which help to cut down on electricity use. Electronic temperature limiting allows the owner to set upper and lower temperature settings so users can't set the thermostat to extreme high or low temps and stress the unit. These units can also be controlled from a centralized location. The Energy Efficiency Ratios (EERs) for these units are up to 12.2, which should help the owner save with electric bills.

Professional installation is recommended for their heat pump air conditioners and detailed instructions for installation by the professional installer can be obtain readily by the manufacturer. Installers will learn about masonry supports and what to use for these supports, to the dimensions needed for the cut, among other aspects of the installation. A variety of accessory installation instructions are available.

Friedrich heat pump air conditioner accessories are available for use with their machines. Accessories include: internal drain kits, external drain kits, architectural louvers, wall sleeves, grilles, architectural grilles, deep wall sleeve extensions, decorative subbases, digital remote wall thermostats, remote thermostat escutcheon kits, wireless handheld remote controls, sleeve extension retrofit kits, lateral duct adapters, lateral duct extensions, conduit kit with junction boxes, and power cord retrofits. Once again, detailed installation instructions for the accessories are also available for the professional installers that are recommended. Please note that there are many different accessories, some for specific models only.

Friedrich packaged air conditioner warranty is a 5 year limited warranty. The first year of the warranty begins from the date of the installation and covers any part that is found to be defective in either the material or the workmanship will either be repaired or replaced free of charge. The second through the fifth year of the warranty covers things such as the compressor, metering device, evaporator, condenser, reversing valve, check valve, and the interconnecting tubing, which are all parts of the sealed refrigeration system.

The warranty only applies to units that are within their original installation sites and that have been installed within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada. There are a few other terms and conditions that must be met before the warranty will kick in, so make sure that you understand the warranty that is offered and installation and operation falls within the warranty limits. For example, any problem found that is considered to be from misuse or abuse of the machine will not be covered under the warranty.

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