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GE is another of the well-known manufacturers of PTAC units in the hospitality industry. These units are designed for commercial use only and are really focused on being as energy efficient as possible. The Zoneline models do seem to back up their energy efficiency claims with some units reaching EER (energy efficiency ratings) up to 12.8.

GE PTAC Units: Energy Efficiecy in Zoneline 4100 and 6100

Energy Efficient
The GE Zoneline ptacs, which include the 4100 and 6100, incorporate a high level of energy efficiency through utilizing an "L" shaped coil design. This "L" shape coil offers a 20% increase in surface space, which in the end, makes these models one of the most energy efficient heat pump PTAC air conditioner units on the market today.

GE offers a variety of features such as an electric touch control panel. The easy to read LED readout and the simple temperature controls make it easy for guests to see the temperature and adjust it accordingly. The Zoneline models are also compatible with the wall mounted remote thermostats.

They also offer a central desk option; meaning that they can be controlled through a two-wire central desk for on/off purposes; however, these units can also be wired to door switches or infrared sensors if needed, in order to help maximize the efficiency of these packaged terminal units.

The Zoneline models can also be ordered from the factory with a specialized corrosion treatment. This treatment helps to ensure the protection of the units from corrosion over time, which will help the units to last longer, making them a sound and long lasting investment for the business owner.

These models also offer what they call the Freeze Sentinel. This feature enables a packaged air conditioner unit in an unoccupied room to protect itself from damage caused by the freezing temperatures no matter what the temperature control settings are programmed to.

Opposite of the Freeze Sentinel is the Heat Sentinel on the Zoneline models. With this feature, if an unoccupied room's temperature goes above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit will automatically switch to cool in order to keep the room from overheating.

Each GE packaged air conditioner offers up front filters that are made of nylon mesh. The nylon mesh makes it easy for one to clean the filters, which helps the units to last longer and be more efficient. The easy access to the filter is a plus. This is just one of the recommended maintenance steps that are needed to ensure that the unit will have a long life. So, the easier it is to maintain the units, the better it is for both the owner and the machine.

Zoneline models also incorporate a “Superseal” system which is purported to reduce air getting into the unit, which will theoretically equal more efficient operation. GE also claims the new ZLs are more quiet. The Dry Air 25 Series claims to remove as much as 24% more moisture from surrounding air than the standard offerings. This series might be a consideration in a humid, muggy environment.

Finally, GE offers an electronic temperature limiting option. This means that the units can be set in order to prevent over heating or over cooling of space, which can be expensive for the business. These limits are independently set, which means that they will have to be adjusted seasonally.

A Little Bit Greener: R-410A Refrigerant
These models use the newer R-410A refrigerant, which meets the 2010 U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), which are in the outdated R-22 type refrigerant.

There are other components and features that GE has incorporated into the construction of their units. Of course, the features may vary based upon the model that one purchases.

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