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Packaged terminal air conditioner units, or PTACs, are typically found in apartment buildings or in hotel and motel rooms. They are designed to cool the area where they are placed. PTAC units are not cheap; therefore, the number one question that every one usually has to ask about these units is "How long will a PTAC unit last?"

How Long Should a PTAC Air Conditioner Unit Last?

Ductless air conditioners are designed to last longer than a regular window unit. Depending upon the size of the space that you need the unit for will determine whether or not this type of machine is better than a regular window unit. You will want to contact a professional in this field to learn about what type of wiring you need in order for the machine to work. Since it operates off of electricity, you will want to make sure that you have the right type of plugs installed and the right type of panel breakers and even the voltage of power coming into the building. There may be some other installation items that are needed before you will even be able to install a PTAC unit.

These units are designed to last for several years; however, they are just like everything else, the better that you take care of them, the longer they will last. For this reason it is very important that you take care of the machine through providing regular maintenance on the units per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The manufacturer's specifications usually include a variety of different maintenance upkeep suggestions and the more of them that one can do themselves, the better off they will be. Hiring a maintenance person to come and keep the machine up to standard will usually cost a pretty "penny"; therefore, learning about the machine and what you can do, maintenance wise, will help in the end with repair costs and also by helping the machine last for a longer period of time.

Manufacturer's specifications include things such as:

If you do not take care of the machine, of course it will not last for as long as you want it to. It's hard to say exactly how long these machines will last for sure, even though they are designed to last for several years. Some people have gotten ten years or more out of these machines, while some of the machines have only lasted for less than three years.

How long a ductless air conditioner will last all depends upon the owner and how well they take care of the machine. It also depends on how often the machine is used. In a hotel/motel, these types of machines are only used whenever someone stays in the room where it is located. In a home, the machine is liable to be used quite a bit more; therefore, making the machine to be replaced more often. Just through cleaning the filters, cleaning the coils, removing debris from the machine, and a few other tips, these machines will last and are worth the money that is spent on them.

Please see our 10 PTAC Maintenance Tips page for practical advice on keeping your ptac running smoothly.

It does take some tender loving care in order for the machines to operate to the point that you need them to; however, by performing all of the work yourself when it comes to the maintenance on the machines, you are sure to get your money back on your initial investment in them. Just make sure that you learn about the particular ductless air conditioner that you own and read the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications when it comes to the care of the machines and you will get years of use out of your investment.

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