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Legacy systems are a problem in the PTAC world. A legacy unit is one that is no longer manufactured, and parts may be hard to get. Eventually, replacement becomes the only real choice.

Islandaire PTACs: What to do with legacy ptac units.

But unlike with window units (or wall mounted cassette units), with PTACs there's a hole in the wall where the old unit fit. Unless that hole is what has become the standard size of 42” by 16” – there's a problem. Should a new hole be constructed to the standard size (adding to the cost) or not?

The issue comes up for apartment or condo dwellers that want to replace a single unit (but cannot alter the structure) all the way up to multi-unit hospitality operations where costs for reconstruction are prohibitive.

Enter Islandaire. This company, located in New York State, specializes in fitting new equipment to non-standard sized wall openings. They include replacements for more than 50 outmoded brands1. Along with full units, they also sell parts designed to repair units that are no longer sold.

This niche market has served the company well, and they have grown since their founding in 1992. Islandaire is now a multi-million dollar company2. Along with replacements, their US manufacturing facility also has the ability to make custom chassis for one-off, custom applications.

To find out if they make a unit that replaces a legacy product, they have a detailed guide by manufacturer with downloadable specifications3.

Islandaire doesn't focus on retail sales. Rather, they are best known in the HVAC industry as a supplier of legacy parts and units. Purchases are often through other companies who sell business to business only4.

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