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Klimaire 1Ton 12,000 Btu/h Low Wall Ptac Air Conditioner Conditioning and Heating

Here's a quick look at the Klimaire 1Ton 12,000 Btu/h Low Wall Ptac Air Conditioner Conditioning and Heating with 3 Kw/h Electric Heater and LCD Wall Thermostat.

The Klimaire is a 1 ton (12,000 Btu/h) Ptac air conditioner and heater featuring a 3kw/h electric header and an LCD thermostat. This model has a high-tech fan so the unit is a bit more quiet. It has special curved fan blades which ensure plenty of air flow to the outside coil, thus decreasing energy consumption while gaining efficiency.

Another feature of the Klimair ptac unit is the easy to clean filter. It has a pull-out filter that is easy to maintain--you don't have to open the intake grill. The filter slides out easily and makes filter cleaning a snap. A charcoal filter is also available and helps reduce bad smells as well as reducing dust, etc.

Getting at the coil is also easier with this ptac unit. The shroud covering the coil can be pulled off quickly. This makes cleaning the condenser much easier thereby improving heat transfer, boosting efficiency, and increasing the life of the unit overall.

Very quiet when running. The fan blades are balanced and the dual fan motors ensure a more than adequate level of quietness in any room. The rotary compressor also helps to give a more quiet operation.

These units come with two controls and there is an optional wireless remote as well. There is a push button controller on the right hand side of the unit which has an electronic remote control receiver. Remote ready units can utilize a remote control for ease and convenience. The unit also can utilize a wall mount LCD thermostat which is best for commercial and hotel industry applications. The wall mount features ten feet of cable and a quick connector plug which is included with the Klimaire unit.

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