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LG PTAC units operate at a low decibel level; meaning they are extremely quiet and are a viable option for healthcare settings or lodging. They also offer a great sound prevention rating and have an energy efficiency rating of up to 12.5 EER, so they could potentially help to save on energy costs provided the room your are heating and cooling isn't too large.

LG PTAC Units: Lower Noise, Some with high EER, Digital Controls

Standard features on the ptac air conditioners produced and manufactured by LG include a multi power system. This means that LG manufactures these units with energy saving twin compressors. One compressor offers power at a 60% capacity until the desired temperature is reached; then, the other compressor takes over with a 40% operating capacity to provide sustained operation and temperature control.

LG also offers their patented 4 stage plasma air purifying system. This system includes a large, permanent filter and an electronic air purifier. Combined, these two features of the 4 stage plasma air purifying system in the packaged air conditioners by LG captures microscopic contaminants, such as dust, mites, and more, to help purify the air. LG packaged air conditioner units also come with another air purifying system known as the triple filter system.

Another great feature of the LG PTAC units is the self cleaning indoor coil. Keeping the coils clean is a must when it comes to maintenance of machines like this, and having the availability of a self cleaning coil, means less work for the owners, not to mention less worries. These heat pump air conditioner units also offer a dehumidifying mode, which means that the unit senses the temperature of the room and shuts down the compressor and controls the humidity through not over cooling the room.

The LG ductless air conditioners also include: chaos swing, three-way cooling, jet cooling, swirl wind, automatic operation, defrost control, a manual power switch, attractive and customizable indoor units, temperature display, auto sleep mode, automatic start, connections for remote thermostats, 'front desk ' controls, and digital controls.

Wireless digital thermostat and energy savings
Models with the wireless digital thermostat have an occupancy sensor that shuts the unit down if there is no one in the room. Independant settings for occupied and unoccupied rooms can be set if you don't want the unit to shut down if a guest steps out of the room for a short period. Some models come with LG's digitally controlled heating pump with electric heat.

One thing to keep in mind with the LG brand of ductless airconditioners is that not all features are available on all models. Plus, there are a lot more features available, depending upon the model of the ductless air conditioner that you choose.

R-410A Refrigerant included?
Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant is not included on all models (see note below) so check to see if 410 is included before purchasing.

Emergency Heat?
LG ptacs with heat pumps have a ceramic coil heater that is activated during periods of severe cold weather.

There are several items that are needed for installation of these packaged air conditioners. For example, do not forget to purchase items such as: mounting screws and anchors, optional condensate pumps, ½ inch condensate drain tubing, hose clamps, closed cell insulated tubing for suction line, electrical tape, condenser mounting pad, disconnect and wiring for the condenser unit, refrigerant line, plastic duct and installation hardware, just to name a few. It is for this reason that professional installation of the LG packaged air conditioners is recommended. In order for these machines to operate properly and efficiently, they must be installed properly; therefore, someone who has previously installed PTAC units and has experience with installation of these units is recommended.

Not only are special items needed for installation, there are also a wide variety of tools that will be needed in order to install one ofthese heat pump air conditioners. For example, some tools that will be needed include: a level gauge, 2 ¾ inch hole core drill, a flaringtool set, a vacuum pump, gauge manifold, a micron gauge, plus more specialized tools.

The tools that are needed for installation will vary by the model of the heat pump air conditioner that is purchased.LG provided recommendations of what the installer will need to bring(tool wise) and what items will need to be purchased for that model to ensure easy and proper installation.

Final Thoughts:
Be aware that there are about twenty different digital ptac models with different BTU capacities. Only the LP124HED-Y8 12,000 BTU model has R-410A refrigerant. All are touted as being 'ultra quiet', though you may want to actually sit in a room with one and judge for yourself. As far as EER ratings go, the LP0070CED-Y8 7,600 BTU model has the highest EER rating at 12.5, but may not have enough BTU capacity for your particular room size. The larger models obviously do not have as high an energy rating. The 14,400 BTU LP155HED1, for example, one of the largest units, has an EER of 9.2.

That said, LG ptacs are worth consideration, especially if you need an electric heat option, in healthcare settings, or any situation where heating and cooling is needed in one space only. The low decibel levels and the great sound prevention rating as well as the air purifying systems that are included in the design of the machine, add up to a quality product.

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