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In all aspects where energy is used in the world of today, the costs of maintaining home and working environments are constantly increasing. This has led many people to seek alternative heating and cooling solutions. Information supplied by the United States Department of Energy advises that up to forty percent of the money spent by an average household is directed towards cooling and heating a home. This hefty expense is causing both private home owners and business managers to consider various options including Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners.

A PTAC in Your Home?

The benefit to a homeowner that comes with the installation of the PTAC system is its flexibility of operation: it enables a user to cool one designated area of the house at a particular time, providing the utmost savings, as it is rarely the case when the complete house requires cooling for entire day or night. By example, a home office could be serviced by the PTAC for a determined working period and then a bedroom or living area could be selected in the evening. This is a 180-turnaround when compared with the general operation of a HVAC system, so in certain situations the all-in-one unit could be more energy and cost effective, eventually resulting in a lower electricity bill.

Energy Efficiency?
Efficient performance and cost effectiveness are usually influenced by the climate in which a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning system operates. Functioning continuously in severe hot or cold conditions may cause the unit to over extend its capability, thereby detracting from its efficiency.

The relatively inexpensive cost of purchasing a PTAC unit is supported by a user being able to install one, on a room by room basis. Because they are self-contained units, their selective operation is comparably inexpensive. You can call it a "location controlled energy system", which means no cooling or heating of the areas that remain unused. However, if several units are required to be operating at a time, either to cool or heat an entire household, it is often noticed that PTAC units produce a greater degree of noise than comparable mini-split air conditioners.

PTAC Window Units
Portable PTAC window units may be a viable option, offering a cooling and heating facility, that mimics that of a HVAC system. Due to the versatility and economy of PTAC units, they are becoming increasingly popular in domestic applications, providing the ability to homeowners to control energy consumption and their cost effectiveness. Individual living or working conditions will determine he system that meets a particular need and it is worth some careful consideration before making the final decision.

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