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Trane PTAC: Trane is a global manufacturer of HVAC systems and controls, making commercial, residential, and PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning) systems, and headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Trane PTAC: Popular and Efficient

In the 2000s, Trane has worked on improving energy efficiency of their Trane PTAC units and making them quieter, both of which are important factors in the huge PTAC market, which includes motels, apartments, and institutional living quarters such as nursing homes. Users of PTAC units cite their many benefits in these applications:

For heating with PTAC air conditioners, the refrigerant runs in the opposite direction from its cooling operation. This cools the outside air, giving up heat to the pump’s refrigerant. Then the heat is pumped back indoors, in an efficient process that can create up to 3 BTUs of heat for every BTU of energy consumed.

Trane PTACs are among the most energy efficient in the industry, with EERs of 9.6 to 12.5, which are some of the best available and keep energy and operating costs in check. Some Trane heat pump 115 Volt models with cooling capacities of 7,000, 9,000, and 12,000 BTUH are available with the option of hydronic heat (which uses water as the heat transfer medium).

Some of the improvements Trane PTAC units have brought online in recent years include lower sound levels, better energy efficiency, better aesthetics, technology controls including intelligent setback control, door switches, and occupancy sensors, and 70-80 cubic feet per minute standard ventilation. And Trane PTACs are easy to install, fitting into most standard wall sleeves.

A change made in 2005 added to the convenience of those that use and service Trane PTAC units: the availability of PTAC units and accessories at all Trane Parts Stores in both North America and Latin America. PTAC accessories available at the Trane Parts Stores include wall sleeves, circuit breakers, and drain kits, as well as everything needed for professional installation and repair.

It is no wonder that Trane PTAC systems are as popular as they are in North America. There are many benefits to PTAC technology, and Trane tries to be a leader in this area. They can quickly and easily remove moisture and heat from a hotel room or apartment when switched on, and fan speeds can be specifically chosen with a button or dial, or left on an automatic setting. The same basic settings apply when using a PTAC unit in its heating mode.

Since there’s no ductwork required, and since most PTAC units are the same physical size, they’re easy to install, regardless of the heating and cooling loads a particular unit is designed for. And since Trane PTAC units have some of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry, they’re a good investment for those looking to conserve energy. In some cases, an energy efficient PTAC system can generate a positive return on investment in less than one year.

One popular Trane PTAC line is the PTEC series, including the PTEC 07, PTEC 09, PTEC 12, and PTEC 15. They’re available in capacities from 7,000 BTU to 14,200 BTU, with Wattages from 600 to 1,525. The EER numbers are highest in the smaller units, ranging from 11.6 for the 7,000 BTU models to 9.3 for the 14,200 BTU models. On their “high” fan settings, the units are capable of blowing from 240 to 325 cubic feet per minute, depending on the size of the particular model. The units can take anywhere from 1.6 pints per hour of water out of the air for the smaller models, to 4.4 pints per hour for the larger models.

Trane PTAC units are top sellers due to Trane’s reputation and technological advances. They are among the most energy efficient PTAC units available, and they have all the other advantages that make PTAC air conditioning so popular in motels and apartments, including easy installation with no ductwork required. They’re available in a number of heating and cooling capacities, and some models come with the option of hydronic heating. They are likely to continue as one of North America’s top PTAC suppliers.

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